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Klaus Mecherlein M.A.

089 / 315 81 - 161

Samaneh Atef

Samaneh Atef was born in 1989 in Bandar Abbas, Iran, and lives in the south of France. Atef's pen and ink drawings tell the story of women from life-giver to captive, from celebrated birther and healer to scapegoat and everything in between. A self-taught outsider artist, her symbolic works give voice to those who continue to be marginalized in our world today.

Samaneh Atef, No one saw my death, 2021, Pen on map, 88,9 x 109,6 cm

Samaneh Atef, There is no story left to tell! (…), 2023, Pen on map, 46 x 99,5 cm

© Samaneh Atef