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Klaus Mecherlein M.A.

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Andreas Maus

Andreas Maus (* 1964) lives in Pulheim and works at the Kunsthaus KAT18 in Cologne. Andreas Maus‘s drawings are always about everything. He is very attentive and registers very precisely what is currently happening in society, as well as the abnormalities in culture, and reproduces this in drawings. He understands his existence not only as the event of an individual freedom, but relates it inseparably to the events in society. And above all those who have to do with struggle, violence and threat, power and powerlessness.

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Andreas Maus sees himself as a craftsman of art

His trademarks are work trousers and a checked shirt; his motto is: “Craftsmanship is the essence of art, the most important, the most enduring thing. His works were premiéred in GWK Pesch’s own workshop. That is how he came to the notice of the KAT18 art house and, in 2008, he began to paint and draw there once a week. In 2012, he moved to the new Kunsthaus, where he expanded his artistic repertoire to include sculptural work and collages. He created larger works, such as the artist books on Anne Frank, at home in his apartment in the residential home of the Gold-Kraemer Foundation. In 2020, Andreas Maus made the decision to work full time as an artist at Kunsthaus KAT18 from then on. Numerous exhibitions in museums and art spaces, including the Kolumba Museum in Cologne, the Bundes-kunsthalle Bonn, the Museum Kampa in Prague and now the euward exhibition at the Haus der Kunst in Munich have reinforced his decision.

“Artistic work helps me to escape from the vicious cycle of my internal rage, since it is also liberating to let out the feelings of unease and rage on the paper, and, as I said, damaged teeth are very expensive, I have to remind myself of that constantly."

Luisa Koall with quotes from Andreas Maus