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The euward8 Award Winners

The award winners in alphabetical order
(Positions will be announced during the award ceremony in April 2021):

  • Felix Brenner (* 1955) belongs to the alternative art scene in Switzerland. Brenner attended graphics courses at the Basel School of Design. Over the years he realized numerous exhibitions of his lithographs, multicolored etchings, drawings, prints and video works. He has been living in Altnau in Thurgau since 2001 and is furthering his research in ethnobotany. The connection between art and nature is reflected in his prints, drawings and radio broadcasts.
  • Andreas Maus (* 1964) lives in Pulheim and works at the Kunsthaus KAT18 in Cologne. Andreas Maus‘s drawings are always about everything. He is very attentive and registers very precisely what is currently happening in society, as well as the abnormalities in culture, and reproduces this in drawings. He understands his existence not only as the event of an individual freedom, but relates it inseparably to the events in society. And above all those who have to do with struggle, violence and threat, power and powerlessness.
  • KarHang Mui (* 1989) has been working in the Atelier de Kaai gallery in the Dutch city of Goes since 2009. His intensely colored pencil drawings show landscapes of a fantasy world that is rich in detail, but does not take into account the actual dimensions in relation to each other. Abstract patterns mix with figurative elements and gradually replace them, and memories of Hong Kong, where part of his family lives, can also be seen. The patterns begin to lead a life of their own and generate new associations in the viewer.

The three winners have been announced on September 26, 2020.

These were the nominated artists for euward8:


Düsseldorf, Germany

Matthew Beadon

Darlington (Community Art Project Darlington), Great Britain

Rudolf Bodmeier

Oberschleißheim (Atelier Augustinum), Germany

Felix Brenner

Altnau, Switzerland

Torsten Holzapfel

Berlin (Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst), Germany

Elizaveta Khudyakova

Efremov, Russia

Tongtad Mahasuwan

Hamburg (Die Schlumper), Germany

Andreas Maus

Cologne (Kunsthaus Kat 18), Germany

Cameron Morgan

Glasgow (Project Ability), Great Britain

Karhang Mui

Goes (Galerie Atelier de Kaai), Netherlands

Daniel Nesensohn

Rankweil (ARTelier Vorderland), Austria

Stefan Riedmann

Lustenau (ARTelier der Lebenshilfe Lustenau), Austria

Jens Rosenkilde

Randers (Gaia Akademi / Gaia Museum), Denmark

Martin Schindler

Wien (Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien TS Rannersdorf), Austria

Alexandre Vigneron

Vielsalm, (La „S“ Grand Atelier), Belgium

Raphael Waldis

Zürich, (TOBIAS-HAUS Sozialtherapeutische Werkstätten), Switzerland