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The coming euward8 exhibition

The exhibition of euward8 will take place in Haus der Kunst in Munich from 30th of April to 27th of June 2021. The award ceremony and official opening of the euward8 exhibition in Haus der Kunst will take place on April 29th. 2021.

Looking back at the euward7 exhibition

The exhibition in Buchheim Museum in Bernried near Munich of euward, the European Art Award for Painting and Graphic Arts in the Context of Mental Disability bestowed by the Augustinum Stiftung, ended on September 9 with a closing ceremony. The exhibition openend on July 22 and showed 130 artworks of the three award winners, the winner of the special award by the jury and all the other artists nominated for euward7.

Award winner Michael Golz working on "Athosland" during the exhibition. Credit: Augustinum / Christian Topp

For the first time in the history of the euward, a public prize was awarded during the closing ceremony. From March 15 to August 15 the public could vote for their favourite artist, choosing from all nominated artists. Tim ter Wal won with more than 70 percent of the votes. He is also this year’s winner of the special award by the jury. The public was awed by his freely drawn and hyperrealistic views of industrial complexes: „It is clear-cut what defines his art: the absolute dedication to and concentration on his work“, said euward-curator Klaus Mecherlein from the Atelier Augustinum about ter Wal during the closing ceremony of the exhibition.

euward-curator Klaus Mecherlein praises public prize winner Tim ter Wal. Credit: Augustinum / Christian Topp

„Shining a light on art: That is the aim of euward. Every time we try to find new ways to broaden the niche in which this kind of artists work“, Joachim Gengenbach, chairman of Augustinum Stiftung, said during the gala on July 21. „I thank all artists who stimulate, charm, inspire, colour and enrich our lives.“ The patron of euward7 was actor Edgar Selge, who emphasized his solidarity with the artists: „In today’s society, the question of belonging is more acute than ever. The only way to feel like belonging somewhere is to convey to others that they belong. This surpasses inclusion.“

The exhibition wowed visitors with many events. One of the highlights: watching Michael Golz, winner of the first prize, work. He became an artist in residence and expanded „Athosland“, the 130 square meter map of a fictitious country, in the museum. He worked for several hours nearly every day and almost doubled the map in size. Two guided tours and presentations by experts on Outsider Art, such as director Markus Landert of Kunstmuseum Thurgau (Switzerland), let visitors experience Athosland on a profound level. The winner of the third prize, Clemens Wild (Switzerland), discussed his portrayals of women on the edge of society with publicist Gitta Gritzmann who was a leading figure in the development of the inclusive euward-catalogue. With a performance by the unique band „Kofelgschroa“, a fascinating euward7 ended.

"Kofelgschroa" - the fascinating end of euward7. Credit: Augustinum / Christian Topp


Catalogue euward7, 2018

4 Volumes in a boxed set

Volume Michael Golz: 63 Pages
Volume Ota Prouza: 55 Pages
Volume Clemens Wild: 48 Pages
Volume Golz / Prouza / Wild: 95 Pages

150 colour illustrations
english, german, czech

26,5 x 21 cm
32 € (shipping extra)

Catalogue euward6, 2014

Giulia Zini
Dimitri Pietquin
Patrick Siegl

102 colour illustrations
english, italian, french, german

33 x 23 cm
136 Pages
25 € (shipping extra)

Catalogue euward5, 2010

Peter Kapeller
Sigrid Reingruber
Annemarie Delleg

98 colour illustrations
german, english

33 x 23 cm
120 Pages
25 € (shipping extra) 

Catalogue euward4, 2007

Mario Jambresic
Ylonka Elisabeth Jaspers
Edmund Krengel

97 colour illustrations
german, english, dutch

33 x 23 cm
104 Pages
25 € (shipping extra)

Catalogue euward3, 2004

Josef Hofer
Robert Burda
Florival Candeias

81 colour illustrations
german, english, portuguese

33 x 23 cm
104 Pages
25 € (shipping extra)

Catalogue euward2, 2002

Uschi Pomp
Cécile Franceus
Heliodor Doblinger

56 colour illustrations
german, english, flemish

33 x 23 cm
104 Pages
25 € (shipping extra)

Catalogue euward1, 2000

Alida Schaap
Edmund Krengel
Adolf Beutler

56 colour illustrations
german, english, dutch

33 x 23 cm
104 Pages
- unvailable–